This paper presents possibility How to make the housing stock refurbishment more effective in Slovakia from the financial point of view. Main financial sources for maintenance and refurbishment of housing stock are divided to own sources and foreign sources. The Own financial source is Fund for maintenance and repair. The Foreign sources are divided to public and private sources. The Public sources come from The Ministry, The State Fund for Housing Development and The Guarantee and Development Bank. The Private sources come from Contractual Savings for Housing, Mortgage Credits, Commercial Credits and Consumer Credits. The State Fund for Housing Development doesn’t operate very well in Slovakia and therefore it is necessary to make some new suggestion to operate more effectively.


Housing is one of the main human needs and flat or dwelling is a place, where is this need fulfilled. From that point of view the “consumption” of housing can’t be substituted with different type of goods. Dwelling is fixed in space and joined with land. The housing in one area is joined with job, educational, shopping and other opportunities, and therefore the housing in one area is difficult to substitute with housing in other areas.

The situation in the housing sector in Slovakia has been changed seriously during last 15 years. The new housing production has decreased considerably in comparison with years before 1990. The hugest production was built in 1970 ́s, when there were constructed mainly panel reinforced prefabricated multi-family houses. The Slovak housing stock is quite young compared with the housing stock in other Western European countries, but neglected maintenance caused that these multi-family houses have been often in a bad condition and suffer from systems (structural) failures. Therefore it is necessary to maintain, modernise and refurbish multi-family housing stock in Slovakia. For this refurbishment there are also needed some finances, which are possible to obtain from different types of financial sources. Some of them don’t operate effectively and therefore they need some changes, which will be also processed as one suggestion in this paper.

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Szabova, A_How to make the housing stock refurbishment more efficent in Slovakia