According to the analysis of housing stock in Slovakia two main issues have to be solved. One is caused by structure of tenures (housing sectors) with results of rental housing shortage in Slovakia. This shortage should be gradually filled up by new construction of rental houses with support from the state or the public sector. The second is caused by neglected maintenance and therefore the multi-family houses have been often in a bad condition and suffer from systems (structural) failures, despite of the fact that the Slovak housing stock is quite young compared to the housing stock in other western European countries. Therefore, it is necessary to refurbish multi-family housing stock in Slovakia.

For construction of new rental housing and for refurbishment of existing housing stock there are also needed some finances, which are possible to obtain from different types of financial sources. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure disposable financial sources for financing of the new rental housing construction and for the refurbishment of existing housing stock. The suitable financial model is being sought nowadays, which could establish PPP (Private-Public Partnership projects) in Slovakia. From my point of view it will be really good step to develop the rental housing in Slovakia with using PPP projects. Moreover, it would be worth the mention to use PPP projects for housing stock refurbishment, mainly in form of complex urban renewal.

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